23rd Edition of Ribs & Blues Festival Raalte NL- 2nd Day- June 9th, 2019

Raalte, June 9th, 2019

Written  by: Maggie Oliva – MFEELINGSFMUSIC

Pictures by: Walter Wouters

This early morning at sunrise a nice barefoot walk on green grass made detox miracles. Feeling one with nature and music, however excited to see as much as possible of the richly filled program.  On the longest festival day  of Ribs & Blues 2019 counting at the Main Stage selected International artist: Nona, Matt Schofield, Wilko Johnson, Flavium, Eli Paperboy Reed, De Wolff, Laurence Jones and Delta Stage: Legendary Shack Shakers, Mell & Vintage Future, Dynamite Blues Band, Tricklebolt, Cedric Burnside, The Grand East.

NONA and Band (NL)

As the perfect band to open the Festival on this sunny day.  Suddenly, the field became in no time crowded.

”The rock from home, the blues from Steve, the hip-hop love of herself: all those influences flowed together”

Everything what Nona compose are real live stories and many compositions her own live stories.  She is constantly writing that’s what you hear during her performing, a young girl who was looking to be herself and when she knew it,  went for it, with all her courage. We can feel there beautiful scars translated into music, her own music.  The true affection and recognition for her band members, family and friends who contributed to her success that continues rising  as I can see in their upcoming presentations.  The band with great guitar solo’s and keys brilliantly,  tailored for the audience a wonderful start of this day.



Matt Schofield band (UK)  & Special guest Christine Tambakis (USA)

Matt Schofield has been making his mark globally, as one of the top players in the new class of six string.  Three times consecutive award winner at the British Blues Awards brought him to the British Hall of Fame.

In the Netherlands,  He played at North Sea Jazz, and on TV show “Vrije Geluiden”. In 2013 at Ribs & Blues where he stole many Dutch hearts and they are glad to see him every year touring in the Netherlands.
At the end of last year I was delighted to enjoy his live show  with 4 G Sessions performing with Jim Suhler, Alan Haynes, Danny Giles  at the Festival  “Flirting with the Blues” at the Flint in Amersfoort NL. This was actually the first time  for me,  to see him live on stage. Short after  Matt Schofield brought his renewed blues playing  together with the Dutch band The Kings Rhythm Crew (Ruud Weber, Fokke de Jong en Govert van der Kolm) at P60 in Amstelveen NL.  There I meet them for a short interview about this tour,  followed by an evening with Matt Schofield by  Max Guitar in Scheveningen. The Hague.

“I remain a music lover first and foremost. The recognition I’ve received from both fans and peers is humbling and inspiring, and those ‘pinch me’ moments where I found myself trading licks with heroes like Robben Ford and Buddy Guy are still the biggest thrill.” .. He usually says.

This time at Ribs & Blues 2019,

Matt Schofield with his fresh blues sounds and as well known compositions like  -Trouble Making-   Life Wire – Tails and Aces , the band tight and together,  made the audience thrill, but this time Matt enthusiastic announced a special guest on Stage:  Christine Tambakis from NY, who with her powerful performance and an amazing mix of voice genres, was the perfect passionate combination  for Matt’s guitar. At this point they got the euphoric moment at the audience with the song “Mama he treats your daughter mean”  After the show we meet and greet Christine and Matt who happily expressed that they are going to work together in  next productions and more live shows.  At the same time Christine added, that it is an honor and a privilege performing with the absolutely amazing Matt Schofield and band.  “I am  so thankful to be a part of this inspiration”, she said with brightly  eyes.

image033image027Matt Schofield UK

Wilko Johnson UKimage034

An impressive surprise the vitality from beginning to end of lead singer- guitar player Front-man of Dr. Feel Good with who he made four successful albums in 1970. In 1980 he became a prominent member of Ian Dury & The Blockheads. In 2010 he was asked for the role of Ilyn Payne in the hit series “Game of Thrones”. For four episodes he played a prominent role there.   When I saw them I thought .. What a survivors.. but Wilko really is, literally and figuratively a survivor. The Trio Lead Singer, Bass guitar and Drums  gave it all on stage.  Deep respect!

Hurrying  to the Delta Stage but also a little time for us to enjoy the festival field, greeting friends and taste a cold beer at the Special beer Bar, watch  the summer atmosphere and the children at the adventure land. Then  time to eat at the Barbecue land. It was entertainment enough for all ages. I still wish I was able to see all the bands I mentioned before but in this  “impossible mission” I only arrived at the Delta Stage on time to enjoy a band, who stands for an explosive cocktail of blues, rhythm & blues, swing and rock ‘n’ roll; raw, refreshing and exciting at the same time! Founded in February 2013 and emerged from the successful blues band “Big Blind”

The Dynamite Blues Band (NL)


The Dynamite Blues band, at the Delta Stage introduced  by Lianne Ruijgrok, who represents The Dutch Blues Foundation. The band won last year The Dutch Blues Challenge and represented The Netherlands  at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis USA.   At the European Blues Challenge in Portugal,  where they reached the 3rd position at the competition between 20 others European Bands.


The organization of Ribs & Blues, received on stage the announcement from Lianne Ruijgrok and Leo Gabriels,  on behalf of the Dutch Blues Foundation, that they will receive a Dutch KBA Award this year. The award ceremony will take place on 6 October during the Blues Day 2019 in Nieuw-Vennep. This award is annually granted to people or organizations that have made an important contribution to Blues Music the last years.



On his “50 Years of Blues Power Tour, we enjoyed FLAVIUM at Ribs & Blues 2019 and we were feeling  truly blessed being  there to see the band performing so as actually on stage was : Anne-Geert Bonder- guitar, Eric Bagchus- bass – Bert Vrieling -leadsinger-Willem Swikker keys, en Bouke Van Olst, drums.

So many years,  of music history and still the same powerful performance. Anne Geert Bonder- Guitar and Eric Bagchus from the very beginning of the band in 1969. Amazing live stories in the audience specially  because the band keep the real FLAVIUM  Sounds alive.  There were many emotional moments in the audience and I was lucky to stand up  near Marion & Rien Wisse – Ex Dutch Magazine Blok who certainly know a lot of the Dutch and international Blues history.

The since 2014 Flavium lead singer Bert Vrieling with his raw sound rock-blues voice in frequency with the visible emotions of the public,  transported us back in the time with songs registered at the “50 Years of Blues Power” new album with the highlighted song “Nobody Knows you When You’re Down and Out” but also with another pearls of the FLAVIUM repertoire. We were extremely delighted with the guitar solo’s of Anne Geert Bonder. Shake my soul!!!! .. the same energy as guitar legend Eelco Geeling, made me remember the live show they gave, on April 2015 when the Dutch Blues Foundation presented the Dutch Blues Awards 2014 in Best Western Hotel de Rustende Jager in Nieuw-Vennep. Flavium was inducted  there in the Dutch Blues Hall Of Fame.

Cedric Burnside (USA)

Blues Music award winner in May 2014, in the category of ‘Instrumentalist – Drums’. and  again in 2019. His album Descendants of Hill Country, was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2016 for best Album. The son of R.L. Burnside  and born in Memphis Cedric Burnside the singer songwriter that brought us last Sunday 9 June in an imaginary fly to the Crossroads with his performance  alternatively on guitar and drums with  songs such us  “Come on in”  “All night Long” “We Made It”  from Cedric Burnside’s new album “Benton County Relic”. “Shake ’em On Down” between other classics pearls interpreted with contagious passion.


DeWolff (NL)





De Wolff (NL)

Since the prize at “Kunstbende”  in 2008, a number of times in the main hall of Amsterdam’s Paradiso. In 2010  followed by concerts  in Belgium and Germany. The band had its first Pinkpop performance on Sunday, May 30, 2010.

I met Pablo, Luka and Robin  in 2012 at the Bibelot in Dordrecht at the old music temple during the time I worked there as stage manager assistant.   At this young age they were dealing with an international schedule.  including France (Nancy, Rouen), Hungary (Sziget, Budapest) and Italy (Live Rock Festival, Sienna). In 2012, performances were given in France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Poland. In November 2011, DeWolff signed a record deal with the record company GoSet Music, which released the single “Don’t You Go Up The Sky” and the album Orchards / Lupine in Australia and New Zealand. On 8 May 2012 this album was released in Italy by the record company OTR Live / Universal.

Internationally they were on main stages by Arezzo Wave Festival (Italy) and Zappanale Festival, Bad Doberan (Germany) as well as many club shows in Australia, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Russia.

Their next album, Grand Southern Electric, was released in May, 2014 recorded in the USA. Since 2015, DeWolff has its own record label called Electrosaurus Records, their first release is a double live album with the title: Live & Outta Sight. Subsequently, on February 2016, the album ROUX-GA-ROUX was released in the 100% analogue studio, Electrosaurus Southern Sound Studio, built by DeWolff itself. This album is fully produced, recorded and mixed by themselves.

The seventh album, THRUST, was launched in May,  2018. The album contains 11 songs. On 11 February 2019, DeWolff , won an Edison in the ‘Best rock act’ category.

De Wolff  live at the free entrance Ribs & Blues Festival 2019 was a gift from  Music Gods, the next day they were schedule to play at Pinkpop Festival.  However they played and sang at Ribs & Blues like it was the last time, with an enthusiasm without limits. We enjoyed their powerful performance and the unique sound art of a mature and hard  team- working band. We  noticed during their tight energetic performing with a singular consistency and timing on stage  and the same inexhaustible energy when they talk about their music projects or music friends or inspirations.

The visible high quality of this 3-headed Rock Dutch band and the created energy at the tent , was without doubt,  the needed adrenaline of the night.


Welcome moment picture, with DeWolff, arriving at Ribs & Blues Festival 2019.  Robin Piso, Pablo van de Poel and Luka van de Poel  

The Grand East (NL)


To see the band we had to make choices not being at the  Main stage this time.  The Grand East are the favorites of many festivals this year too. They keep changing from 70s sounds to the last recordings Electrosaurus Sessions with Pablo van de Poel (DeWolff)

On December last year, they recorded a live session in the Electrosaurus Studio’s, where they also recorded their album ‘What a Man’.

This live session was recorded direct to tape by Pablo van de Poel, with no mixing afterwards, no overdubs, it wasn’t even mastered.

The Grand East is back. And how. They will release a new album. With new influences such as Velvet Underground and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, they bring their sound to the now. Live they still give a steaming rock and soul show.
The Grand East keeps everything in their own hands for their new album. They release it on their own label, which was set up with their fans. After more than 40 festivals and 2 own club tours in 2017, it is time for a new chapter.

Laurence Jones (UK)

The well-known Laurence Jones and band were in charge to close this crowded and amazing Sunday.


The festival was at her top time of excitement when, I quick greet Johan Derksen backstage on his way to the artist area. He just arrived and was getting ready to present Laurence Jones on stage.

Laurence Jones tour about 10 years being at his 17th Three consecutive times the winner of the “Young artist of the year award of the British Blues Awards,

being inspired by,  so as he use to say, his heroes. John Mayer, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Hendrix

He has played with many well -known musicians of the  as Status Quo, Gary Clark jr.  Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Joe Bonassa, In the Netherlands, With Buddy Guy  in 2017 at HIBF Grolloo.  At the same festival in 2018, but the Dutch Blues scene embraced his talent from the very first time.

This time at Ribs & Blues 2019 Laurence and his band put the scene on fire with his band and 2 nice ladies on the backing vocals;  playing energetic, tight together,  succeeding  in making cross-over blues available to all at this wonderful edition.  Keyboard player Bennet Holland created again,  the spice between the songs, just fantastic to see him in action.


Laurence Jones expressed his enthusiasm about the coming release of their new master album creation called “The Truth”

The beautiful audience expressed having the best time of their lives and we too!

Tomorrow another day!!!




Ribs & Blues

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