Muziek op Rhoon 2019 Jazz/Blues/Funk/Soul-Kasteel van Rhoon

Rhoon, 29 June 2019

Written by: Maggie Oliva -MFEELINGSFMUSIC

Pictures Credits: Sjors Ribeiro (FotoSJORS)

Music is the universal language that unites people. What a gorgeous day nearby home!!! Maggie in the house!!! were the welcome words of Sjoerd Greveling at the entrance of the festival,  who together with Peter Alkemade and Edwin Gronenboom form the committee of “Stichting Kasteel van Rhoon” for “MUZIEK OP RHOON”


Mixed up with the  jazz, blues, funk and soul music  and as a surprise Dutch folk music. The festival counted 1,400 people enjoying from noon to midnight of the carefully composed line-up of artist presented on stage by Johan Derksen .

Kraak & Smaak + band, Ida Nielsen & The Funkbots (DK, bass player Prince), Erwin Java ft. Kat Riggens (USA), Arp Frique, Kim Hoorweg (sings Amy Winehouse), Diona Fox & her Ragdolls, DJ Onno Paloma and as a special surprise Lee Towers.

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QUE CALOR!!! (it’s hot) mother tongue, and that came from deep inside!. It was a very hot day indeed, but the organization took good care about that, providing enough water and creating shadow with the multi-functional  huge parasol in the middle of the field right on front of the stage, enough place to seat but also you could go away from the hustle and bustle along a walk in the woods next to the imposing Rhoon Castle. On the field were around 7 trucks selling food and a wide bar.


With this Multicultural and international character”Muziek op Rhoon” besides making  national and international talented artists and amazing musicians, available for everyone.   They made one of my dreams real,  cause in the early 2000,  I started MFEELINGSFMUSIC & Cultures with the only altruistic goal to see people united by the power of music, dance and art.  However I realize that this was an impossible mission at that time. therefore,  I was  truly delighted watching the pleasant atmosphere now,  how people and myself, enjoyed from Polonaise to funk, from  blues and soul to Latin. People everywhere all ages just celebrating  live,  together enjoying the power of music.


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Kim Hoorweg 

Her long and international journey can be read on her nice website. But now back on scene performing an Amy Winehouse special.  The well known songs made the audience naturally participate but brought by Kim, with incredible deep emotion.  Why Amy I asked? … I am being touched for the things she went through, she answered.  Oh, do you think it is what could happen to some young artists today? …yes not only artist but  young people in their fight trying to be accepted and to belong somewhere mostly looking for affection.

Erwin Java Band (NL) ft. Kat Riggins (USA)

Expressive as Blues can be, was brought by Erwin Java band and Kat Riggins.  Highlight moments with in between awesome guitar  and Hammond solos and the brilliant performance and colorful long dress of Kat Riggins bringing as always a powerful concert from beginning till end.  Her passionate song “Hear Me”  and the classic but at her brilliant own style “I put a spell on you” touched the depths of my soul.

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Ida Nielsen & The Funkbots (DK, bass player Prince)

“I would not be where I am today if it was not for him, and I will do everything I can to move on and honor him by keeping the musical standard high and my heart open and kind”  … Ida Nielsen’s words about Prince.  After an absolutely amazing performance. They really, really FUNKED the place.

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In between all acts, DJ Onno Paloma was  playing ”
All the bands were presented by Johan Derksen, Last year he was also the presenter of the festival.  An smooth atmosphere besides Jazz, blues, funk, soul, young and old also children made a hodgepodge or joy.

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Arp Frique

Pulsating NYC style live disco vibes, interwoven with both Caribbean and Cape Verde sounds, The Colorful World of Arp Frique is exotic and super funky, all original instrumental tunes,  and brought the atmosphere at its highest point.

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Kraak & Smaak. Their original sound consists of a mix of disco, funk, electronic and house music. They were in charge of closing the night with a gold button and they did it.

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We thanks the organization of MUZIEK OP RHOON. They certainly,  count this year again with a successful festival 2019. It was a party for all of us, they said.   The event is already a tradition as well as the announcement for next year.  27th June 2020.

The first 3 bands are already booked: Danny Vera, Laurence Jones and Memphis Maniacs!!!







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