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First Edition Taverne Open Air Festival Bergen NH

Bergen August 24th, 2019

Written by: MFEELINGSFMUSIC-Maggie Oliva

Photos: Jacob Hubert

Last Saturday 24 August, 2019 took place the First Edition of Taverne Open Air – festival Bergen NH
Under the Sun energy, we enjoyed to be connected by the power of live music and friendship above all perspectives. 
Steef de Taverne who is leading the organization expressed on his FB account his enormous gratitude to ALL those who supported his vision from the very beginning till the hard work end. 
With great enthusiasm public of different ages and nationalities enjoyed the versatile event made by the created environment at the many areas. 
2 Stages, 9 Bands, 10 DJ’s, Chill Area & Fresh Food & Fries.

Blues guitarist singer Ralph de Jongh, this time with Friends Leon van Etten – Drums, vocals Almar Fernhout- guitar, vocals Pablo Penton – bass- vocals were one the of the highlights on the festival which attracted around 1400 visitors.

Live Music At the Taverne Bergen Stage
It was a mix of Blues Rock, Funk, Soul and even Reggae. All bands put with a great spontaneity awesome and unforgettable moments using their professionalism to over-win any small imperfection, resulting in magic moments for ALL of us

The opener of the festival immediately pops in Under the motto “play until you drop”, ZZ Top, Aerosmith, Black Crowes, Billy Idol and The Rolling Stones, delighting their truly fans.

On the next slide Electric Hollers Band. However I have been already amazed by Tim Birkenholz guitar style earlier this year, it was the first time I enjoyed his band live with Max Mollema (drums) & Inge De Vries (Bassguitar) and I am truly impressed. They are one of the selected by the Dutch Blues Foundation to participate at the Dutch Blues Challenge in NL. The absolutely winner will go to represent The Netherlands at the yearly International Blues Challenge in Memphis USA where I made amazing memories with the first Dutch Blues winners in 2011.

The Onkruid Stage 
filled in by popular DJs
music with many influences made the youngest ones experience even multicultural inspirations, which we enjoyed together after a couple of cold beers. 
At the well needed Chill Area.
Meet point of friends and artist too for a drink and a talk tasting between others, exotic food. 
Such a great time tasting Oysters, listening to the anecdotes from the owner who lived in the country where I come from. Taste the original South American coffee, served by Colombians.

There are things in life impossible to buy with only money so I appreciate my time in Bergen and I know Somebody is smiling from Heaven. Some will know what I mean. 
We certainly want more!!! Taverne Open Air Festival. Till next year!!! Maggie Oliva

Check some video impressions here:

16th Edition Hookrock, Diepenbeek BE Blues & Roots Festival

Diepenbeek, July 5th, 6th, 2019

Written by : Maggie Oliva  MFEELINGSFMUSIC

Extra Napkins (BE) – Vanja Sky (HR) – Zac Harmon feat. Texas Slim (USA) – The Kokomo Kings (DK/SE)  On Friday 5th, 2019

Here and with thanks to some great pictures from the hand of our mutual friend and photographer Walter Wouters

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On Friday 5 and Saturday 6 of July took place in Diepenbeek  Belgium the 16th edition of the Hookrock Festival.  Being one of the festivals, where Belgian and Dutch Blues lovers, meet every year to enjoy the Blues & Roots music of their preference.

The musical spirit was high on both days, with many magical moments but within a relaxed atmosphere, cold beers, a fantastic line-up,  the jam sessions in between the  acts,  a birthday celebration but specially  with a  welcome feeling we let the power of music come all over us and that resulted in a weekend with an amazing explosion of joy.

The natural hospitality of Belgian friends completed these two wonderful days in addition to my reunion with some of the before mentioned international artists during their  European tour.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace’ Its a Jimmy Hendrix quote but,  This is what truly happened at Hookrock Diepenbeek Roots & Blues festival in Belgium.

Remarkable moments once again with, Zac Harmon, who let the audience focus in the power of love ” Your love brought me here, your love will open many doors, I need each one of the audience to tell “I love you” to 10 people standing up near you, if this happens the energy of love will fill this place” He said.

Vanja Sky, already brilliantly recognized by the European Press, and also on European tour, said  “Music is the most wonderful gift on the planet. It’s my aim to bring happiness through music to many people as possible.” and she truly focus in bringing  and inspire young people to make and/ or enjoy real music.

The sunny Friday evening with the  soulful Belgian Blues quartet Extra Napkins, the Powerful performance, mentioned before, of the Croatian guitar player, singer song writer and beautiful performer Vanja Sky and Guitar player -Blues Singer Zac Harmon offering the best of his repertoire with the one by one talented musicians.

The Scandinavian Kokomo Kings  closed  with ” doin’ the low down boogie” at this brilliant musical day.

One Time Blues Band (BE) Travelin’Blue Kings (BE/NL) The Rockolites (BE) Lil’Red & The Rooster (USA/FR) Malford Milligan & The Southern Aces (USA/NL) Sugar Ray & The Bluetones ft. Little Charlie & Duke Robillard (USA) The Revolutionaries (UK) 

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On Saturday, there were many brilliant and dancing moments, starting with the Belgium band One time Blues Band  who full enthusiasm start this second day . they  are the interaction between male and female, conveniently represented by a female and a male singer and driven by a wide range of blues oriented styles. Some Chicago , some soul, some jazzy, some funk, all that invite you to dance.   They were followed  by  the Dutch, Belgium old hands in the professions the Travellin’ Blue Kings singer-guitarist-harpist Stephan Hermsen, once again surrounded by a bunch of race musicians brought an impressive own songs and selected covers performance.  At the beginning of this year the band came up with a great album “Wired Up”, which is mainly filled with swinging blues, who we will certainly enjoy them again at our next stop in Belgium Blues Peer Festival.

Again  a Belgium favorite The Rockolites.  The atmosphere was literally and figuratively HOT people outside enjoying friends and joining the jam sessions organized by MojoJamSessions. when a diva voice that walks voluptuously from Bessie Smith to Janis Joplin crossing without a hitch tonalities sounding  sincere and accurate  call our attention  the singer of Lil’Red & Rooster  the Multitalented  singer-songwriter, dancer, actrice Jennifer Milligan.

To complete the great surprises of the night the powerful but deep and soulful voice and impresive compositions he is often compared to soul icons such as Otis Redding and Percy Sledge. It is not without reason that he was awarded as best vocalist eight times at the Austin Music Awards.  Malford Milligan & The Southern Aces are soulful, rootsy, groovy and stripped-down. their  soul and blues fans were simply delighted, we much expect to see them at Blues Peer 2019 too. Malford Milligan ft. by the southern Aces, is formed, with among other talented musicians,  of the Dutch Fokke de Jong on drums and Roel Spanjers on Keys + Accordion.

The intense experienced festival, may be closed by Sugar Ray and the Bluestones ft. Little Charlie & Duke Robillard from the USA and The Revolutionaires from the UK,  They closed with honor, Hookrock 2019, the already well known festival point and friends meeting in Diepenbeek BE

Besides the live music recordings, live meet & greetings published at MFEELINGSFMUSIC in Social Media, you may enjoy to have a look at the  for more reviews and pictures.

We thanks the organization of Hookrock and kindly volunteers, feeling enthusiastic about the next year line up and looking forward to meet you and your beautiful audience again.


Written by: Maggie Oliva -MFEELINGSFMUSIC

Muziek op Rhoon 2019 Jazz/Blues/Funk/Soul-Kasteel van Rhoon

Rhoon, 29 June 2019

Written by: Maggie Oliva -MFEELINGSFMUSIC

Pictures Credits: Sjors Ribeiro (FotoSJORS)

Music is the universal language that unites people. What a gorgeous day nearby home!!! Maggie in the house!!! were the welcome words of Sjoerd Greveling at the entrance of the festival,  who together with Peter Alkemade and Edwin Gronenboom form the committee of “Stichting Kasteel van Rhoon” for “MUZIEK OP RHOON”


Mixed up with the  jazz, blues, funk and soul music  and as a surprise Dutch folk music. The festival counted 1,400 people enjoying from noon to midnight of the carefully composed line-up of artist presented on stage by Johan Derksen .

Kraak & Smaak + band, Ida Nielsen & The Funkbots (DK, bass player Prince), Erwin Java ft. Kat Riggens (USA), Arp Frique, Kim Hoorweg (sings Amy Winehouse), Diona Fox & her Ragdolls, DJ Onno Paloma and as a special surprise Lee Towers.

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QUE CALOR!!! (it’s hot) mother tongue, and that came from deep inside!. It was a very hot day indeed, but the organization took good care about that, providing enough water and creating shadow with the multi-functional  huge parasol in the middle of the field right on front of the stage, enough place to seat but also you could go away from the hustle and bustle along a walk in the woods next to the imposing Rhoon Castle. On the field were around 7 trucks selling food and a wide bar.


With this Multicultural and international character”Muziek op Rhoon” besides making  national and international talented artists and amazing musicians, available for everyone.   They made one of my dreams real,  cause in the early 2000,  I started MFEELINGSFMUSIC & Cultures with the only altruistic goal to see people united by the power of music, dance and art.  However I realize that this was an impossible mission at that time. therefore,  I was  truly delighted watching the pleasant atmosphere now,  how people and myself, enjoyed from Polonaise to funk, from  blues and soul to Latin. People everywhere all ages just celebrating  live,  together enjoying the power of music.


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Kim Hoorweg 

Her long and international journey can be read on her nice website. But now back on scene performing an Amy Winehouse special.  The well known songs made the audience naturally participate but brought by Kim, with incredible deep emotion.  Why Amy I asked? … I am being touched for the things she went through, she answered.  Oh, do you think it is what could happen to some young artists today? …yes not only artist but  young people in their fight trying to be accepted and to belong somewhere mostly looking for affection.

Erwin Java Band (NL) ft. Kat Riggins (USA)

Expressive as Blues can be, was brought by Erwin Java band and Kat Riggins.  Highlight moments with in between awesome guitar  and Hammond solos and the brilliant performance and colorful long dress of Kat Riggins bringing as always a powerful concert from beginning till end.  Her passionate song “Hear Me”  and the classic but at her brilliant own style “I put a spell on you” touched the depths of my soul.

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Ida Nielsen & The Funkbots (DK, bass player Prince)

“I would not be where I am today if it was not for him, and I will do everything I can to move on and honor him by keeping the musical standard high and my heart open and kind”  … Ida Nielsen’s words about Prince.  After an absolutely amazing performance. They really, really FUNKED the place.

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In between all acts, DJ Onno Paloma was  playing ”
All the bands were presented by Johan Derksen, Last year he was also the presenter of the festival.  An smooth atmosphere besides Jazz, blues, funk, soul, young and old also children made a hodgepodge or joy.

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Arp Frique

Pulsating NYC style live disco vibes, interwoven with both Caribbean and Cape Verde sounds, The Colorful World of Arp Frique is exotic and super funky, all original instrumental tunes,  and brought the atmosphere at its highest point.

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Kraak & Smaak. Their original sound consists of a mix of disco, funk, electronic and house music. They were in charge of closing the night with a gold button and they did it.

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We thanks the organization of MUZIEK OP RHOON. They certainly,  count this year again with a successful festival 2019. It was a party for all of us, they said.   The event is already a tradition as well as the announcement for next year.  27th June 2020.

The first 3 bands are already booked: Danny Vera, Laurence Jones and Memphis Maniacs!!!






23rd Edition of Ribs & Blues Festival Raalte NL- First Day- June 8th

First Day

Raalte, June 8th, 9th, 10th 2019

Written by:  Maggie Oliva  MFEELINGSFMUSIC

Pictures by: Walter Wouters

The days before the Festival seemed too long,  expecting the biggest and free entrance Roots and Blues festival of the year.   We noticed it because the enthusiastic announcements at Instagram and more social media  growing faster and faster the last months.

On our way to Raalte from Spijkenisse it was still raining so we arrived to our cute decorated and peaceful B&B place to stay. Parking nearby and the short walk was unbelievable under the nice sunshine. Mother Nature knew  that the Festival will start and order immediately to stop the rain and as a present for ALL, this weather held till the very end of this gorgeous happening in the Netherlands.


It was great to see the presenter, the well known face of the festival year after year  again with his friendly smile  Mr. Jaap Harsem who enthusiastic announced the brilliant line up of this First Day Live Music.  Gov’t Mule, Blackberrysmoke and My Baby.

This time, he remarked the Delta Club as a new attraction initiative at this Edition. 


Warren Haynes – Gov’t Mule

And there they were again:  Gov’t Mule (USA) launching Ribs & Blues 2019 with the song Hammer & Nails “It takes more, more than a hammer and nails, to make a house a home, followed by great compositions as Mule, Pressure, Banks, Rev. come, Blue Sky, Stone Cold Rage, Confess and one of my favorites because my memories at HIBF in Grolloo 2016 Live SOULSHINE, but then came the expected moment for  Warren Haynes, lead singer-songwriter and guitar player of the band to announce his special guest on stage:  Charlie Starr lead singer and guitar player of Blackberry Smoke. It was the high moment of his show which the audience responded with a passionate applause.  I personally love the musicians interactions happenings on stage of the last times in live music.

Between the huge audience were many people I know from music organizations and festivals, some friends and also many social media contacts, it was nice have a quick meet and greet with many,  I believe that there is always a right time to meet those who you will be happy to see.

Once at the Colorful Delta Club,  described as burlesque shows.  including parody, beautiful girls dancing, acrobatics- entertainment, who transported  us in something different and original, many happy faces and whole families enjoying that.

Charlie Starr BlackBerrySmoke band & Warren Haynes


Charlie Starr /BlackBerry Smoke


Up to the Main Stage second band of the night with the Blackberrry Smoke  

With their long, lank hair, dynastic beards and  denim jackets, pushing the boundaries of their chosen genre, and dragging it into a new decade from the very first note.

They carry at least the DNA of the Allman Brothers. It was amazing for me to see them for the first time live performing.     Two  “Number One” Country albums under their belts. Men would immediately feel they are authentic and the lead singer, guitar player Charlie Starr delighted us with songs from their last album : “Find a Light” but another audience favorites too like:  Fire In The Hole, Nobody Gives A D, Thunder, Good One, Let it Burn, Medicate, Big Boss Man, Ain’t wasting time, Sleeping Dogs. Run Away and more.

Just beautiful, some open-heart lyrics and some mournful pedal steel guitar,  played and sang with noticeable pleasure but even more when he called Gov’Mule on  stage I can almost say that this was the higher energy point of the night.  After the show we had a short talk with Warren Haynes and Charlie Starr who answering my question:   What was your highlight of the night?  … They both pointed each other and answered unanimously “Playing with him”


MY BABY was here. 

Cato van Dijck 


In the summer of 2015 they toured Europe to promote their second album “Shamanaid”. The album was played on BBC Radio and Belgium Radio 1. In strong demand at festivals such as Lowlands (NL), Into the Great Wide Open (NL), Sziget (HU) and playing at no less than seven alternative stages at Glastonbury 2015, they were chosen by Seasick Steve as the opening act on his April 2015 UK tour

On September 2015,  I hosted them backstage at a well known festival in Rotterdam NL   We enjoyed their music at Ribs & Blues 2017, I also remember the day, they set through the storm at Zwarte Cross festival. So we know what we may expect from this wonderful  Dutch -New Zealand trio.  Cato van Dijck, Joost Sheik van Dijck drums and singer, Daniel ‘Da Freez’ Johnston (guitar) My Baby has created the perfect bridge between rock and dance. Standing still is impossible. They are conquering the world and has  been at many shows on (main)stages at the bigger festivals in The Netherlands and Europe.

This year at Main Stage on the First day of the 23 Edition of Ribs & Blues. We went in their imaginary story and went into a kind of trance, specially with the songs of  the  last created album “Mounaiki” : Which is the shamanistic name given to the main character and to experience the travel that the phantom muse  is going through. Mounaiki is a ‘spirit name’ .  It means ‘love and will’, or the combined energy of love. At the point in a dance trance you will feel that energy.

Cato van Dijck lead singer, guitar. Joost Sheik van Dijck drums and singer, Daniel ‘Da Freez’ Johnston (guitar)  MY BABY


Describing the  show. A beautiful voice breaking through the darkness and transforming in light with the Powerful frequencies of the drums creating space for the guitar and or violin sounds and the voices sounds more than specific lyrics making an energy to be transmitted to the audience who at the same time responded  with their voices and applause sounds creating an energy circle in the place.  Besides the music and hypnotizing performance the band is nice to see this time Cato lead singer, guitar and violin player wore a kind of black with red flowers, Kimono style tunic and during the show changed in a translucency black short tunic and one piece golden pant. J. Sheik  on drums, Cato’s brother at the same start also with nice extravagant accessories and then  sensually shirtless and Daniel typical the Blues Spirit  and look including a black hat. They are a feast for the eyes!image073image062image106


After the show they made a little time for a hangout and a relaxed conversation.  Nice to interchange multicultural experiences with them I am impressed they remember the moments we shared.  What’s next I asked,  a Tour in December this year starting in Croatia.  Tomorrow we will fly to Scotland.  and the highlights? we are hitting this year again Glastonbury, Lowlands, another festivals?  in UK., Germany, Denmark, France, Estonia, Hungary, Czechoslovak Republic, in the Netherlands: Rock your Boots,  Parkpop, Bospop, North Sea Jazz Festival and 5 jaar Grenzwerk,  as far as we know, they added.

With a grateful heart but with high music adrenaline yet,  we left the festival place to our comfortable B&B  this time, but I still nostalgic remember the camping times when I use to come back home with dirty feet, messy hair and sparkling eyes.

I feel lucky  to catch some hours sleep, before the next whole intense day tomorrow .. from 01.15 pm till 01.00 am  full programming 7 bands at Main stage and 6 at the Delta Stage.

It will be continue: 


Ribs & Blues