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16th Edition Hookrock, Diepenbeek BE Blues & Roots Festival

Diepenbeek, July 5th, 6th, 2019

Written by : Maggie Oliva  MFEELINGSFMUSIC

Extra Napkins (BE) – Vanja Sky (HR) – Zac Harmon feat. Texas Slim (USA) – The Kokomo Kings (DK/SE)  On Friday 5th, 2019

Here and with thanks to Rootstime.be some great pictures from the hand of our mutual friend and photographer Walter Wouters

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On Friday 5 and Saturday 6 of July took place in Diepenbeek  Belgium the 16th edition of the Hookrock Festival.  Being one of the festivals, where Belgian and Dutch Blues lovers, meet every year to enjoy the Blues & Roots music of their preference.

The musical spirit was high on both days, with many magical moments but within a relaxed atmosphere, cold beers, a fantastic line-up,  the jam sessions in between the  acts,  a birthday celebration but specially  with a  welcome feeling we let the power of music come all over us and that resulted in a weekend with an amazing explosion of joy.

The natural hospitality of Belgian friends completed these two wonderful days in addition to my reunion with some of the before mentioned international artists during their  European tour.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace’ Its a Jimmy Hendrix quote but,  This is what truly happened at Hookrock Diepenbeek Roots & Blues festival in Belgium.

Remarkable moments once again with, Zac Harmon, who let the audience focus in the power of love ” Your love brought me here, your love will open many doors, I need each one of the audience to tell “I love you” to 10 people standing up near you, if this happens the energy of love will fill this place” He said.

Vanja Sky, already brilliantly recognized by the European Press, and also on European tour, said  “Music is the most wonderful gift on the planet. It’s my aim to bring happiness through music to many people as possible.” and she truly focus in bringing  and inspire young people to make and/ or enjoy real music.

The sunny Friday evening with the  soulful Belgian Blues quartet Extra Napkins, the Powerful performance, mentioned before, of the Croatian guitar player, singer song writer and beautiful performer Vanja Sky and Guitar player -Blues Singer Zac Harmon offering the best of his repertoire with the one by one talented musicians.

The Scandinavian Kokomo Kings  closed  with ” doin’ the low down boogie” at this brilliant musical day.

One Time Blues Band (BE) Travelin’Blue Kings (BE/NL) The Rockolites (BE) Lil’Red & The Rooster (USA/FR) Malford Milligan & The Southern Aces (USA/NL) Sugar Ray & The Bluetones ft. Little Charlie & Duke Robillard (USA) The Revolutionaries (UK) 

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On Saturday, there were many brilliant and dancing moments, starting with the Belgium band One time Blues Band  who full enthusiasm start this second day . they  are the interaction between male and female, conveniently represented by a female and a male singer and driven by a wide range of blues oriented styles. Some Chicago , some soul, some jazzy, some funk, all that invite you to dance.   They were followed  by  the Dutch, Belgium old hands in the professions the Travellin’ Blue Kings singer-guitarist-harpist Stephan Hermsen, once again surrounded by a bunch of race musicians brought an impressive own songs and selected covers performance.  At the beginning of this year the band came up with a great album “Wired Up”, which is mainly filled with swinging blues, who we will certainly enjoy them again at our next stop in Belgium Blues Peer Festival.

Again  a Belgium favorite The Rockolites.  The atmosphere was literally and figuratively HOT people outside enjoying friends and joining the jam sessions organized by MojoJamSessions. when a diva voice that walks voluptuously from Bessie Smith to Janis Joplin crossing without a hitch tonalities sounding  sincere and accurate  call our attention  the singer of Lil’Red & Rooster  the Multitalented  singer-songwriter, dancer, actrice Jennifer Milligan.

To complete the great surprises of the night the powerful but deep and soulful voice and impresive compositions he is often compared to soul icons such as Otis Redding and Percy Sledge. It is not without reason that he was awarded as best vocalist eight times at the Austin Music Awards.  Malford Milligan & The Southern Aces are soulful, rootsy, groovy and stripped-down. their  soul and blues fans were simply delighted, we much expect to see them at Blues Peer 2019 too. Malford Milligan ft. by the southern Aces, is formed, with among other talented musicians,  of the Dutch Fokke de Jong on drums and Roel Spanjers on Keys + Accordion.

The intense experienced festival, may be closed by Sugar Ray and the Bluestones ft. Little Charlie & Duke Robillard from the USA and The Revolutionaires from the UK,  They closed with honor, Hookrock 2019, the already well known festival point and friends meeting in Diepenbeek BE

Besides the live music recordings, live meet & greetings published at MFEELINGSFMUSIC in Social Media, you may enjoy to have a look at the http://www.hookrock.be  for more reviews and pictures.

We thanks the organization of Hookrock and kindly volunteers, feeling enthusiastic about the next year line up and looking forward to meet you and your beautiful audience again.


Written by: Maggie Oliva -MFEELINGSFMUSIC

Muziek op Rhoon 2018 Jazz/Blues/Funk/Soul-Kasteel van Rhoon

Rhoon, 30th June, 2018

Written by: Maggie Oliva MFEELINGSFMUSIC

Photo Credits:  Sjors Ribeiro


Early in the morning I wrote “Music is the shivering of life, the invisible power to build your own world, the light to point you the way. Getting ready for a new brand amazing day at Muziek op Rhoon 2018     Maggie Oliva   and it really was.

The yearly Jazz Funk Soul festival welcomed the Blues Music and this time so close to my place.
The green place surrounding the marvelous castle made a perfect day of a Hot Musical day,  in all the meaning of the word.
The enthusiastic multicultural public of all ages walking around, dancing, drinking and enjoying different kind of food and  even the beautiful eyes of S. Soares Olivera who transformed in a theater the rest room, complete the scene of one of the festivals which will be engraved in my soul.

At the entrance the bands Westend Trio & Thijs Nissen Trio,  welcomed the public who looking for some shadow shelter and drinks went to the tent near the bar.  It was a pleasure to greet public from my area but also some coming from far away after 3 hours drive.

Ralph de Jongh Band

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After the much appreciated words of the Festival host, Johan Derksen, the opening of the day was in hands of Ralph de Jongh ‘Musical child’ of Dutch Blues Legend Harry Muskee. This time He successful filled the stage with his in total 9 men/women band, musicians close to his heart, who at the same time collaborated with him in the making of his last albums. which are, in his own words, the expression of his inner world as well as his painting and poetry. The band powerful blues- funked the stage with Ralph’s own musical compositions  and  sublime ballad moments out the sky picked up lyrics and Cuby & the Blizzards’ Windows of my Eyes” song accompanied by the almost-crying violin of Ewa Pepper, this was my tiny sacred magic moment.

Sherry Dyanne

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Dutch singer Sherry Dyanne with Caribbean roots is one of Holland’s best jazz singers. She collaborates with big artists, performs with her own band across the world in sold-out clubs and festival stages, received a Edison Award nomination for her debut album ‘Sing me a Song’ and sold over 38.000 albums of her latest christmas album ‘Let it Glow’ in the USA.  Her show this time was lovely and she created a harmony atmosphere with her inspiring songs inviting people to dance at this beautiful evening.  A publishing and pictures will show up at the local newspaper.

The first time I met Sherry was at North Sea Jazz Festival 2013.  At the time with a busy schedule  and now with her 7 months old baby.  It was time to have lunch together where we had a friendly and relaxed conversation recording which I probably publish if she agree.

When I came back to the field, people was enjoying the ROSENBERG TRIO

AJ Plug

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Johan Derksen welcomed AJ Plug Band on stage, he mentioned the way he discovered the talented Blues Singer and band, the tour they are doing with the “Pioneers van de Nederpop”and recommended the audience the new Cd of the band “Barefoot, the Grolloo Takes” .

After the tight, blues -Rock delicious performance of the one by one talented musicians, we congratulate Alexandra Plug for her new epic creation at Dutch Holy Ground.

“We wanted to make something very pure that’s why we moved to Grolloo and wrote – Barefoot,  the Grolloo takes” she said.

A short time ago Alexandra Plug  moved to Grolloo, known as the Dutch Blues Village, where Johan Derksen is also living. Grolloo will always fascinate me. Since my first visit in 2008-2009 to see blues soul Ralph de Jongh performance and of course Blues Legend Harry Muskee 

Brooklyn Funk Essentials

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The Brooklyn Funk Essentials was fantastic to close the festival. They are made up of musicians, singers and poets from around the globe, the group and their famously mix styles like jazz, latin, r&b, house, drum & bass, reggae , afrobeat and Anatolian melodies.
made us all rolled into one ferocious funk fest with wild grooves.We truly thanks the organization of Muziek op Rhoon  for the kind invitation, and good news.  Of course we will come back next year 29th of June 2019 to enjoy Erwin Java and Band, Laurence Jones and the band Arp Frique.